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24 Oct 2016 ... Broadway is one of the Wonders in Civ VI ... +3 Great Writer points; +3 Great Musician points; +1 Great Works of Writing slot; +2 Great Works of ...

A Civ 6 modder has added Notre Dame to the game ~ It also offers +2 Great Artist points per turn, and three Great Works of Art slots. Responses to the mod on Reddit suggest that it could be tweaked to add Relic slots or Great Writer points, referencing Victor Hugo’s novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There are a criteria you’ll need to fulfill before you can build your version of Notre Dame. Governments and Policies - Civilization 6 Wiki Guide - IGN Government Unique Effects Policy Slots Influence Points Chiefdom N/A 1 Military, 1 Economic 1 per turn, +1 Envoy at 100 points Autocracy Capital receives +1 Boost to all yields, +10% bonus on ... Civilization 5 Antiquity sites achievements - Robert Kalweit (3 slots) Great Library. To maximize your bonus, make sure the Great Work Slots are filled with Writings from different Eras and different Civilizations. (2 slots) Sistine Chapel. To maximize your bonus, make sure the Great Work Slots are filled with Art from the same Era and Civilization. (2 slots) Louvre

3 Sep 2013 ... Sid Meier's Civilization V ... GWAM - Great Writers, Artists and Musicians. ... towards Great Artists, Musicians and Writers during a Golden Age ..... A lot of the wonders with Great Work slots come in the Renaissance and ...

Civ5 also made things a bit easier than one might expect, since small empires of 3-5 cities were generally the rule in Civ5, and the capital could easily build the national wonders, although a lack of trade routes and limited specialists … Civilization VI - Guide to the Wonders Unless you really need the writing slots you’re almost never going to build this wonder. As an added deathblow amphitheatres were just patched to give 2 writing slots too, so you probably won’t even need this for that. Great Work (Civ5) | Civilization Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Civilization VI Update Makes Some Much-Needed Changes - Kotaku Nov 17, 2016 ... A very big update is out for Civ VI today (the first major one since launch), which ... Increased the number of Great Works of Writing slots in the ...

Civ 5 Great Writer Slots! 24 Aug 2013 .. My only guess is that the total amount of great work has been maxed out by all the other civs. < .. Keep in mind that the slots are specific to writing, music, art, etc. .. Deity AI just spams those works if they get the chance. #5.Civ 5 great work of writing slot

Brave New World: Fall Patch Notes - 10/15/2013 – 2K Support 15 Oct 2013 ... Abilities of Great Musician, Great Writer, and Great Scientist now scale properly ... and +5% Production per City-State Trade Route across your civilization, not just .... Added ability to swap player slots while in the staging room. Civilization V Analyst: Brave New World - Arioch's Well of Souls 31 Jul 2013 ... There appear to be three types of slots for Great Works, represented by .... Futurism: +100 Tourism with all known civs when a Great Writer, ... Civilization VI: Broadway -, The Video Games Wiki