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HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Rise of the Tomb Raider\ Linux ... Save games are not compatible between Windows and OS X/Linux. Tomb Raider Legend Save Files - Stella's Tomb Raider Site Detailed explanation of how to download and install Windows savegame files for the Tomb Raider Legend PC game. Save-Game Limits - TV Tropes The Save-Game Limits trope as used in popular culture. Please do not switch off the system or remove your memory card while Describing Save Point Here. Video … Save Scumming - All The Tropes And woe befall you if you save a game after a non-obvious error that makes the game Unwinnable. Seasoned savescummers will make multiple saves throughout the game so they can go back to the part that they messed up on.

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TombRaider ps3 crash, can't load save file at all Delete the Game Data for Tomb Raider 4. ... quitting and then loading the save slot you actually want to continue also seems to work pretty well. TR9 Saved Games -

Tomb Raider Slot Machine. The Tomb Raider brand has had an unusual, yet successful, journey, starting out as a computer game that later came to life on the big screen when it was developed into a movie, there was absolutely no reason doubt that this adventure-filled theme would eventually make it into the realm of online slots world.

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This is a saved games (save game, save file, savegame) archive for Tomb Raider (TR9, Tomb Raider 9, Tomb Raider 2013). Click on any image to download that saved game, or download the full archive here (25 MB). I tried to capture as many saved games as possible. Tomb Raider sometimes saves before a cutscene, sometimes after, and sometimes both.